Stokes & Andrew P.C.

In 2009, Jennie Andrew purchased the assets of Stokes & Associates P.C. and formed Stokes & Andrew P.C.

Serving clients' specific business needs, and developing a deep understanding of each client's business is at the root of the mission of Stokes & Andrew. 

Providing more than just after the fact financial statements and tax returns, the firm advises clients throughout the year.  Pre-planning is at the core of the firm's approach, and clients contact us before making major business decisions.

Stokes & Associates P.C.

Stokes & Associates P.C. was formed in 1998 by Robert & Linda Stokes to serve small businesses and individuals from a financial reporting, tax planning and tax preparation standpoint.  

The geographical focus was on the Gwinnett County and Buckhead areas of Georgia, but the firm had clients in many locations.  Many clients moved to other states but stayed with Stokes & Associates as trusted business partners with the capability to prepare tax returns in all 50 U.S. States.

Jennie Andrew joined the firm in 2000 as a Senior Accountant and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from Robert and Linda. She worked hand-in-hand with them, initially behind the scenes, to provide quality services to the firm's clients.